For Sale: Bella Vista Belted Galloways

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One of the premier studs in Queensland is offering a rare opportunity to purchase two full blood sisters:

  • Bella Vista KANTEE. dob: 19 August 2014. Maiden heifer.
  • Bella Vista Mantra. dob: 2 June 2016. Weaner.

Both girls are from the very reliable stud bull IRONBARK FERGUS (9111) (Pois)(MF) and the outstanding dam IRONBARK FEE (MF).

From the sire side flows Midfern bloodlines and from the dam Mochrum Kingfisher, Lown Brae, Dunmore and Amberley bloodlines.

Both progeny have marvelous belts, look stunning and (as you would expect) very quite.

Price & photos on application.

Dr. Bill De Maria